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Our Story

An iconic institution of the Dayton community since 1947, The Pine Club is considered one of the great steakhouses in the United States. We cut, age, and meticulously prepare our steaks with an emphasis on unparalleled flavor and quality. Receiving national acclaim, we’re proud of our excellent food, exemplary staff, and timeless atmosphere.

pine club dining room

Customers gather at the bar, unchanged since 1954.

Our History

When Jim Sullivan purchased Lonnie’s Bar on Brown Street in 1947, he had no way of knowing what the restaurant would eventually become. After installing pine paneling on the walls, he decided to change the name to The Pine Club. A few years later in 1954, the restaurant changed ownership when Lloyd Meinzer purchased the establishment, added the south part of the dining room, and increased the size of the bar.

pine club dining room

A view of the dining room and bar today.

The Pine Club today

Continuing a legacy of hands-on management and attention to detail, David Hulme purchased The Pine Club in 1979. He is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage and traditions of the legendary establishment. While many restaurants take reservations and credit cards, we believe that good food is worth waiting for. We focus on providing the very same old-world charm and exceptional dining experience we have prided ourselves on since day one.

The Pine Club has received accolades from the New York Times, the Food Network, USA Today, Gourmet, and others. To receive this recognition is a testament to our wonderful customers and serves as an incentive for all of us at The Pine Club to uphold the great traditions of our restaurant. The Pine Club we know and celebrate today is the vision of thousands of loyal customers, cultivated over seven decades.